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Charlotte Nail & Lash Symphony: T Nails and the Beauty Duet of Nails and Eyelash Extensions | Charlotte, NC 28210

Are you looking for a one-stop store in Charlotte that offers stunning manicures and lashes? There's only T Nails (10110 Johnston Rd #9) to search. This salon offers entire eye-to-fingertip makeovers; it's not just about flawless gel polish and acrylics. Here's why you should prioritize T Nails on your upcoming beauty trip

Shining Nail Expertise:


Trendy Techniques: T Nails has talented technicians who keep ahead of the trends, so your nails will always turn heads. They provide sophisticated nail art designs as well as conventional French tips.

Quality Matters: For long-lasting, chip-resistant manicures and pedicures, the salon uses premium gel and acrylic materials.

Perfect Final Touches: Beauty treatment doesn't end with polish. Treat yourself to hand massages, cuticle treatments, and even paraffin dips for an opulent experience.

At Your Fingertips: Lash Magic

Customized Look: T Nails will customize your extensions to the exact length, thickness, and style you want, whether you're looking for delicate definition or a dramatic cat-eye effect.

Kind to Naturals: The salon places a high priority on healthy lash maintenance, making sure that your natural lashes are protected with the right application and removal methods.

Convenience plus Additional Features:

Double Duty Duo: Eliminate time-consuming salon visits! At T Nails, get your lashes done at the same time as your nails for best effectiveness and least amount of mess.

Affordably Luxurious: Your beauty makeover is within reach because to the salon's low pricing and outstanding quality.

Calm Ambience: Take a break from the everyday grind and relax at T Nails' calm setting, which includes calming music and welcoming staff.

Are you prepared to take in the stunning melody of T Nails? Make an online appointment or stop by to meet the staff and experience the life-changing potential of professional lashes and nails all under one roof. Give yourself a total makeover, or just play up your best traits—let T Nails create the ideal version of you that everyone will see.


" 5 stars place, I love it. Cindy was very nice. She did my nails , very professional. I highly recommended this nail shop." 

(5/5 stars - Agnes Alvarado)

" Cindy is my only nail technician that I work with for years. She was at one location and moved further than I would travel. However, no one else touches my nails, hands, feet, eyes, or my sons or daughters. She gives unique designs on your hands and feet. She also engages in conversations about you and your life. She also converses about updates on her life. Quite interpersonal. The facility is also clean and the energy is welcoming. I’m pleased with her as my tech. "

(5/5 stars - Danisha Ford)

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